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GPS tracking for shipping containers solution enable real-time tracking and control of assets in transit and of in-storage inventory. Together with our robust GPS telematics hardware with our platform with cloud software, the solution easily integrates with many other applications and company systems. Users gain 24/7 visibility and control of the location and status of all container units and cargo while reducing operation costs and cutting the risk of cargo loss and asset damage. Instant automated alarms also enable rapid response to equipment malfunctions, unauthorised use and other critical conditions that could jeopardise valuable containers and shipments.

Shipping Container GPS Tracking & Status
Gain full container visibility in transit on the road, rail and in container terminals and depots.

Rapidly Respond to Theft
Set a geofence boundary and receive immediate alarms for unauthorized vibrations/motions and geofence boundary exit.

Know Where Your Assets Are
Gain security and peace of mind by knowing where your assets are always, even in remote locations.

Essential, reliable real-time data for improved shipping container operations
Get actionable data to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, protect against theft, ensure regulatory compliance, get uninterrupted visibility and more for assets on land or at sea. Powered by advanced hardware and an all-in-one shipping container management platform.

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