Tracking Specialists
The founders of LockedOnSA are Richard Hemer and Grant Reilly. They are a solid team and have had experience and exposure for more than sixteen years which will support your company.
Our Vision
To commitment ourselves to be an industry leader. With exciting opportunity and nurturing and attracting prospective customers through excellent service with innovative solutions. We aim to develop our superior expertise with top quality technology, contributing to the advancement of society in South Africa and engaging with a significant presence throughout the region.
Our Mission
1. To advance the bounds of technology, building on its proud traditions and strengths.
2. To provide comprehensive solutions, develop our strengths and extend technological opportunities to the benefit of our clients and the community.
3. To produce solutions of distinction committed to lifelong support, integrity, and professionalism and being a responsive leader with a commitment to our clients.
4. To inspire a culture that fosters creativity and a supportive environment to attract, retain and nurture clients.
5. To provide a safe and sustainable workplace to support and advance creativity with innovation.
6. To engage in fostering the hunger for knowledge in innovative, high-affected and leading-edge technology among all employees.
7. To be fully accountable for effective management with the resources given up
on LockedOnSA and act in partnership with our client community.
8. To serve as a focal point of intellectuality in South Africa and function as a gateway to technological knowledge.

                                  Locked On South Africa